how they work

How They Work

Ballistic Beaver Bags are giant interlocking and self-reinforcing ballistic nylon sandbags. The bags overlap and lock each other in a vice-like grip. When stacked together, these bags create a strong, self-seal dam that utilizes gravity to the fullest to stay in place. After stacked together, each bag can hold 180-200 pounds of weight. These ballistic nylon bags are 25-50 times more effective compared to traditional sand bags, holding more weight. A mere 3,000 bags out-does the work of over 100,000 traditional sand bags!

Each lot of 3,000 Ballistic Beaver Bags will build a wall five feet high, 600 feet long and three feet thick.


One lot of Ballistic Beaver Bags comes with 3,000 bags and 36 steel poles shipped on a four foot by five foot "fork-lift-friendly" steel filling station. Six bags can be filled at one time and after the bags are in place, a front-end loader can be used to pour the 1,200 pounds of sand needed on the top of the filling station. After the bags are filled, they are ready to be sealed with the industrial-strength Velcro on each bag. The bags can be carried to the indoor or outdoor storage location by inserting two of the steel poles into the pole tubes on the sides of each bag.


Each bag is woven in one piece without seams to maximize the life. The bags will last for years stored inside or outside and can be stacked on pallets for easy transportation.

Priceless Investment

The initial time invested in preparing these bags is worth the lives, property and money saved in the long run. These bags can be used for years and will withstand the unforgiving pressure of rising floodwaters, wind and weather.

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