Why not make beaver bags out of kevlar?

Beaver Bags
  1. 4 times the cost!
  2. Sunlight and water degrade Kevlar, and ordinary sandbags, in about a year.
  3. Beaver Bags have a 5 year warranty. We have tested 20 year old Ballistic Nylon Body Armor and found no noticeable degradation.

About Us

Our engineers at Ballistic Beaver Bags have spent years developing, testing and perfecting these indispensible Ballistic Beaver Bags made of nylon. From the inventor of the "second-chance" Kevlar vests that have saved thousands of military and law enforcement personnel, comes this next life-saving technology.

The inventor and former U.S. Marine, R.C. Davis, is committed to innovating and developing technology that enhances the human ability to handle the unexpected.

In the United States, floods are the number one natural disaster and they happen in all 50 states. According to FEMA, from 1994-2004 more than $2.4 billion in losses were reported in the U.S. because of flooding.

This startling figure demands a better solution for dealing with floods and flash floods. When stacked together, Ballistic Beaver Bags are 25-50 times more effective and a mere 3,000 bags are more effective than 100,000 traditional sandbags.

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